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Websites, programming, translations – contact me for free consultation.

On this page, I have put together some information to help you assess my translation service.


Enquiries typically come in by e-mail and are answered within a few minutes. Sometimes things need to move quickly, so I'm checking often.
Your message should include a sample, or ideally the entire document to translate – anything you send me will be handled as if we had a typical NDA agreement. My setup also allows SSL secured channels (SFTP or HTTPS) or PGP encryption.

Once I get your final confirmation, I will start translating your file into German, while compiling a translation memory which I can supply to you at no additional cost.
The translation memory is a file that contains your project in a form that language professionals can directly reuse. A TM can greatly reduce the effort and cost of retranslating your document in case the original gets updated.