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Photo: Temple dragon
Kyoto 1998

Websites, programming, translations – contact me for free consultation.

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Tools I use

For programming anything with a window, I like using Delphi, the graphical development environment that came out of Turbo Pascal. I am sufficiently familiar with the Win32 API to do low-level GDI programming also, but mostly Delphi is fine.

If it's for the command line, my choice is Perl, C, or MASM32 and the source code is written and maintained in Eclipse with the Mercurial version control plug-in.

Like most other developers I use quite a number of tools and codes transparently, like SQL, which I have used for data mining on millions of customer records as an employee.

Other software I use frequently or daily includes Adobe Photoshop, the version control system Mercurial, Navicat and an interesting appoach for creating PDF documents involving an interplay between Latex and InDesign.