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  • We are very happy with the work.
  • Thanks for that, on first impression the translation is absolutely perfect (As usual!)
  • Thank you again for submitting your sample translation. It received an excellent review from my evaluator [...]
  • Very thorough, as always [...]
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Thursday, September 24 · 2020
Local time: 07.37 (AM)
My service dates back to September 2005 and has since been requested by many clients in 19 countries – Thank you!


I've rewritten my website from Ruby on Rails to Mojolicious.

A representive of Western Standard has given me a demonstration of their translation memory suite Fluency. I'm impressed, so I'm testing it now parallel to using Trados.

My short book on web development with Perl and the Mojolicious framework is being published in German. The blog section also has an example chapter.