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Mon, 06 Feb 2012 08:00:00 GMT
Fluency by Western Standard
At last a challenger for SDL

Over the past years since their acquisition of Trados, I felt that SDL weren't aggressive enough in renovating Trados to push that Dinosaur into the new millenium. Their website and product policy was confusing me: at one point, I had at least 10 download options in my account, some of which with conflicting names, although I only own one product. I really oppose to having to pay for basic support, too.
The move away from Tag Editor towards a project management environment could have been brilliant, but now they have the overweight Studio environment, pitched to replace Workbench and Tag Editor. Being only slightly facetious, there are projects that are due quicker than I could set them up in Studio as opposed to Workbench, given that I need to import and convert the TM first that I get sent by my client. Take a look at Fluency by Western Standard for a possible Trados contender. I've been using Fluency in parallel with Trados Studio 2011 for a few projects now. The software is very slim with an impressive list of format filters, and I like the attention to detail – for example, there is a project timer so you can track the time spent on a particular project. The code should be rather mature after a few years. It's closed-source and written for dotnet with a slim chance of it coming to the Mac using Mono.

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