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Anagrams of my family-name:

Mr. Dosflange, Lord Sam Feng, Gad Selfmorn, Damn Golfers.

Including my first name:

Archangel's Demo-Film (or, if you prefer: Archfiend's Gall-Memo),
Mismanaged Chef-Roll

Challenged Fair Moms...
Her Calmed Flamingos...

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Photos and Images

Check out the public domain folder for bitmap assets you can use in your projects. Or take a look at some of my photos.

Please see the following link for some Legalese, required in Germany:


*If you are intrigued by this: In German telecom law, there is a provision that requires website owners to place a prominent link on each webpage to information about who is responsible for the content and how they can be reached. There are specialist lawyers (is that the term?) which scan the German web for websites which don't have this mention, then sue the owners. So German website owners who publish in English insist on having an obscurely named footer link called Imprint (the literal translation of impressum), even though none of their international visitors will know what on earth they mean.

Programming and Electronics

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